The HBH Group story goes back to 2011. Jason Hamilton was working for the Chicago Regional Carpenters Union out of the Iowa City local 1260. At the time he held a journeyman carpenters card. His career started pushing a broom for a custom home builder in Arizona to running jobs for several companies here in Iowa. Jason acquired extensive knowledge in many different trades for both residential and commercial construction under non-union and union companies. In 2011 he enrolled as a full time student to become a civil engineer at the age of  31. During his beginning years of college he started doing construction work on the side building a reputation for quality builds and doing things right. After his 3rd year in school his sales from year one tripled. It became difficult for him to juggle family, full-time school, and the business. Jason eventually made the decision to pursue his business adventure and put Engineering on the back burner. Jason doubled his revenue each year as he grew. This allowed him to bring on his lead carpenter Bill Futrell in 2016. Bill has been a huge asset to the company and its growth over the years. Bill has helped the company grow from a truck and some tools to what it is today. The company has been on a steady growth since it's opening date. Jason and the HBH Group team pride themselves on the relationships they develop with clients, their quality of craftsmanship, and their growth.